I-95 crash survivor: “I shouldn’t be here”

I-95 crash survivor: “I shouldn’t be here”

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -A Rincon man says he’s lucky to be alive after his car was destroyed in a crash on I-95 near Jimmy DeLoach Parkway on Monday.

Scott Shepherd says he was driving home from work early to take his son to a doctor’s appointment when a blue work bucket flew out of a pickup truck. Shepherd swerved to avoid it and crashed into an 18-wheeler.

“I spun a 180 and next thing I knew, there was a tractor-trailer coming up and I went right underneath the wheels of that semi-truck,” said Shepherd. “It pulled the convertible top over my head and the seatbelt back into the seat and held me in place and secured me, so that I didn’t get hurt at all.”

Shepherd said several people stopped along the interstate to help him, and they were able to cut the car's convertible top to allow him to get out.

He simply describes being essentially unscathed as a miracle.

“I don’t understand why I’m here," Shepherd said. “It’s hard to...it’s hard to grasp. If it had been two inches farther inboard, I wouldn’t be here today. This is by far the worst wreck I’ve ever been in. I really didn’t think that I was going to make it out of this one. I thought for sure I was going to get T-boned, and this would be it, but I didn’t. Everything turned out fine, and I can’t explain that. It’s a miracle. There’s no other way that I was saved from this other than God.”

He says he’s gotten a response on social media from across the world, from the airbag company to individuals, talking about how it’s a miracle he’s alive.

In a WTOC investigation, we looked into the number of accidents involving semi-trucks in recent years.

According to Georgia State Patrol, the number of traffic deaths has increased then plateaued over the past few years.

2014 less than 1200
2015 more than 1400
2016 almost 1550
2017 1549
2018 1514

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