Semi driver feels uneven road on Bay Street led to wreck

Semi driver feels uneven road on Bay Street led to wreck

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Traffic on West Bay Street is moving again after a semi overturned Friday morning.

Surveillance video from a nearby convenience store shows the moment a semi turns over while heading west on Bay Street at West Street in downtown Savannah.

The driver is OK and there were no reports of any injuries.

The driver of the truck tells us he wasn’t speeding, and feels the uneven road led to his load shifting, putting his truck on its side. While we haven’t heard an official cause, the status of the West Bay Street project is something we wanted to look into.

Because of an issue with a culvert lining Bay Street, the project was delayed, and is now projected to be completed in July. The widening of the road, a raised median, improved aesthetics, and areas where pedestrians can cross safely are all welcomed improvements for residents in both West Savannah and Hudson Hill, who use and cross Bay Street more often than most.

“Safety has been our number one concern because we are an old neighborhood, so we are established and we understand, and we are familiar with the accidents and the incidents that have occurred along this road through the years,” said Hudson Hill resident, Bernetta Lanier. “So, we know if we were to do things like have a more complete street here with better sidewalks and with a green space between the sidewalks and the road, that those would be the types of initiatives that are needed in order to make the pedestrians here safer.”

Lanier says they’d like a traffic light at Tuten and Bay streets, but GDOT says it doesn’t meet the requirements. Instead, there will be a signal light to alert drivers when pedestrians are trying to cross the street.

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