Fathers affected by gun violence speak at annual panel

Fathers affected by gun violence speak at annual panel

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -A group of fathers came together on Saturday to talk about how gun violence has affected their lives, whether it be through the death of their child or someone close to them.

The group, called Dominique’s World, is named after 17-year-old Dominique Williams who lost his life to gun violence four years ago. His parents Olga and Leroy Williams founded the group as a mentorship program. The annual panel discussion is held every year.

They say the group has now grown so much that it's become more of an outreach program to highlight the gun violence in our community.

Olga says there are a lot of groups for mothers but not for fathers and they play a crutial role in a childs life. They hope the stories shared will spark someone to make a difference.

People from the audeince spoke up, some who have also lost a child to gun violence.

The Williams’ say what really made them happy was seeing so many of Savannah’s youth coming to the event and speaking up about violence in the community.

“We need to be more pro-active on our children and what they are doing today and what they are getting into today," said Olga and Leroy Williams. "So, as part of Dominique’s World, we are coming out showing love in the community where we can talk to these kids and have - we want these kids to be open to talk to us about everyday things they are facing in the community.”

The Williams say they plan to continue this event each year. They also host other events throughout the year.

Coming up on July 14th, they are highlighting great young men in the community with an all male fashion show.

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