Witnesses: Man injured in Berwick bar armed robbery is hero

1 in hospital after armed robbery in Berwick shopping center

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -One person is in the hospital after an armed robbery at a neighborhood bar in a Berwick shopping center on Sunday.

Chatham County Police responded to a call for an armed robbery, followed by a call for a shooting at Brewer’s Sports Bar & Grill. Witnesses on scene say that two men came into the restaurant through a back door and demanded money. During the robbery, one person was shot and taken to hospital with serious injuries.

“He’s a hero because he actually went into the kitchen and fought one of the perpetrators and he’s the one in the hospital in surgery....and he’s a hero,” says one witness who asked to not be identified, but says that he was close friends with the man who was injured.

You can hear the witness become emotional as he talks about how his initial reaction was to fight for everyone to make sure they were safe after the gunmen came into the bar.

The witness says the gunmen even threatened their lives.

"They said 'if anyone leaves you’re gonna get shot’ so our friend who was at the bar is an army ranger, he told us to get out and we decided to get out,” the witness said.

They say this is when he became even more selfless and tried to stop the robbery to protect his friends and people he didn’t even know.

“He came out about five minutes later shot in the side with a shot through the side and the back,” that witness concluded.

One woman on scene described what happened after that man was shot.

“He kind of started to stumble towards my car and I had my window down,” said witness Marge Wester. "He yelled out to me and he was holding his side and he yelled out to me “call 911!”.

Marge Wester says she has never seen someone in such great pain as the man she saw today after he was shot.

“He had a gunshot wound to his right side and there was someone that was holding pressure there," Wester said. “Someone else they were assisting from this side. It was pretty intense. It was broad daylight. It’s a little unsettling. You just never know.”

She says she knew how to jump in and help with having a background in the medical field.

“Not being in a hospital setting or even a clinic setting, the resources were limited to be able to figure out what kind of condition he was in but there was no doubt that his life was in danger,” said Wester.

While there is no update on the victim just yet, Wester says she and the other people who witnessed his condition are all expressing the same sympathy.

“For the victims family, I want you all to know that in this situation there were a group of people that ran to his care. That ran to his side. That ran to give him attention and so everything that we could to make sure that he would get through it.”

Detectives are looking for suspects. They’ve been described as two black men wearing all black with black hoodies and purple bandanas. Friends of the victim say that their friend is strong and intends to keep fighting.

One person shot during armed robbery

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