Rally for medical marijuana held in Beaufort

Rally for medical marijuana held in Beaufort

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Supporters of major legislation to legalize medical marijuana in South Carolina gathered Monday night in Beaufort.

Opponents have accused Beaufort Senator Tom Davis of trying to throw a ‘pot party’ with the Compassionate Care Act. Davis has largely laughed off the accusations. He says the bill provides a safer alternative to patients, compared to opioids.

Davis also says he will come up with a bill that would fight against fraud and recreational use.

“My job as a legislator is to come up with a bill that reflects South Carolinians’ values. I want to empower doctors, get medicine into the hands of patients who truly need it, but at the same time build in protections against fraud and abuse so that we don’t lead on to a path of a recreational, and that’s what I’m going to come up with and that’s what I think we’ll ultimately vote on in the Senate, and that is what the governor will ultimately sign," Senator Davis said.

The bill legalizes medical marijuana for a certain set of conditions. It is currently in the Medical Affairs Committee.

The SLED chief and state attorney general have opposed the legislation.

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