Savannah professional golfer attends event

Savannah golf pro in the field

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Professional golf is back in Savannah and there is a Savannah professional in the field at the event at The Landings this week.

Mark Silvers, who grew up in Savannah and spent a lot of time at The Landings growing up, was given a sponsor’s exemption into the field.

Mark has been playing professionally for almost a decade. He has had some seasons on the Tour, so he is seeing a lot of familiar faces early this week, but not as many as he will see when play begins on Thursday and the Savannah Country Day product will be playing a home game.

“Oh, it’s great,” Silvers said. “My mom lives out here, I’m very familiar with the area, and it’s great to every time I look around see someone I know. You get more attention, so it puts a little pressure on you, but if you do go out there and play well, there’s nothing better than playing in front of friends and family.”

Tim O’Neal had some of the biggest galleries at the Savannah Golf Championship last year, and Mark Silvers is sure to have some of the biggest this year.

One local player who will not be here this week is Beaufort’s Mark Anderson, who is second on the tour money list, withdrew this morning due to a lingering ankle injury.

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