Multiple agencies investigating threat ahead of Claxton High School’s prom

Multiple agencies investigating threat ahead of Claxton High School’s prom

CLAXTON, GA (WTOC) - As Claxton High School prepares for their prom this weekend, they are having to take extra precautions.

This week, the school system was notified about a possible prom threat and immediately turned the information over to police to investigate.

The Claxton police chief says the threat initially came through Snapchat. It was then screenshot and sent to a student. The screenshot displayed a threat in which the person said would take place at prom this Saturday.

“It’s not a joke. Kids do this all the time with copycat and everything else,” said Chief Dale Kirkland, Claxton PD. “It’s not a joke, We take it very seriously, and if we can find out who is doing it, they will be prosecuted.”

The police department is investigating the threat and working with Snapchat to try to find out who originally sent the message.

The prom is being held on Georgia Southern University’s campus. Chief Kirkland says GSU’s police department and the Statesboro Police Department have been notified about the threat.

“We will be there. We will have officers from the Claxton Police Department, Georgia Southern, Statesboro PD will have officers around. We are all working together to make sure that the prom is going to be safe. As of right now, we don’t have any reason to believe this threat is credible, but we are investigating it like it is.”

Having multiple agencies working together makes some parents more comfortable.

“They are taking necessary precautions, so that kind of puts me at ease. I did get a call from the school today saying that they were going to put extra precautions in place to make sure that students are safe, so that makes me feel a little better,” said parent, Tabatha Cameron.

Claxton Police say they will continue to work with the Georgia Southern PD and Statesboro PD to try to get to the bottom of this.

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