Savannah Golf Championship spectators enjoy scenic ride to course

Savannah Golf Championship spectators enjoy ride to course

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - We’re coming to the end of the first round of the Savannah Golf Championship. Thursday was the first day spectators were able to go out to The Landings Deer Creek Course - and getting them there was part of the fun.

The ride to the course was nice and scenic, as the local event came up with a creative solution to a common problem you can find anywhere in Savannah and anywhere in sports: parking.

It started at a real Savannah institution - America’s first orphanage that now operates as a school for boys.

“Bethesda Academy was generous enough to let us use their lot, we really appreciate it.”

It continued with another signature of Savannah - a trolley bus ride through local scenery and history that makes getting to the Savannah Golf Championship almost as interesting as being there.

“Starting with Bethesda and the moss in the trees, it was phenomenal, and over the water and creeks, it’s beautiful,” said Francine Stenz.

With parking limited at The Landings, the tournament has made the most of maybe the biggest challenge for professional sports events - parking spectators at the other end of the Diamond Causeway and providing an easy ride across the Moon River, over the marsh and right to the doorstep of professional golf.

“It’s an issue for every golf tournament. You’ve got a lot of people who are trying to park. A lot of different people need access to different things. You just have to get creative,” said Cheyenne Overby, Savannah Golf Championship Tournament.

They did just that with fans’ very first drive of the Savannah Golf Championship, turning a potential problem into a pleasure.

“It looked like high tide. It was a gorgeous little trip. It was beautiful,” Brian Stenz said.

“Passing Skidaway Island State Park, even though you don’t really realize it, you’re amidst a lot of nature. It’s a nice ride.”

There was consideration given to parking spectators on Skidaway Island and closer to the golf course, but fans would still have to be shuttled in, and they thought that might actually create traffic issues getting people off the island - especially in the event of bad weather.

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