Good News: Employability main concessionaire for Tour event

Good News: Employability concession workers

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - There is a lot of good golf at the Savannah Golf Championship, and some good news too.

The Savannah Golf Championship has been sure to embrace the military and the local business community, but in Friday’s Good News, we’re taking a look at how they have also signed on a very special concession partner.

Sometimes, a day at work can be better than a day on the golf course - especially when it’s both.

“What a great opportunity today to share with so many people the wonderful things we do, the personalities we have, the joy that exudes for them,” said Kim Bockius-Suwyn, Employability Board Chair.

There is work at the Savannah Golf Championship for folks from Employability, the local agency that prepares developmentally disabled adults for jobs in the mainstream workforce. The organization has a training kitchen at its midtown headquarters, and this week, is the main concessionaire for Savannah’s Tour event.

They’re doing whatever needs to be done at four locations on the course.

“I’m making french fries and hamburgers and franks,” said concession worker, Antoine Kearney, Employability.

“They are definitely running the tents. They are handing out the food, running the point of sales system. They’re doing it all,” said catering manager, Angie Real, Employability.

The relationship with the tournament is great exposure for Employability.

“This is a great crowd that wants to hear our story as well, so it’s a great opportunity for our individuals to learn about the community and the community to learn about us.”

“I think everyone deserves an opportunity, and our individuals are so wonderful and they love to be out and about and love to come to work and make people smile.”

“What a great opportunity for some people who are maybe taking the day off from work are out here. They meet us and they think ‘this is somebody who can really add to my organization.”

In between serving customers, some of the workers at a golf course for the first time are learning all about golf tournaments.

“When people ask me about this organization, I say you have to come see it, experience it. You can’t have a bad day after you walk through our facilities and meet our individuals.”

This relationship could have some positive, long-term results for Employability. In just the first two days, several local employers who were not familiar with the organization have stopped by the concession tent, gotten to know a little, and said they will be in touch with some jobs they have to fill.

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