Savannah Golf Championship bringing inspiration for next generation

Savannah Golf Tournament is family-friendly

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Tournament play is underway in the Tour’s Savannah Golf Championship at The Landings on Skidaway Island.

Play started at 7:20 Thursday morning for the second Savannah Golf Championship. As the day went on, fans and their families made their way out to the Landings.

On the 18th hole as players finished up, kids were allowed to get autographs as the players came off the course. That’s where we met Jayden Gattuso and his grandpa. He managed to snag a hat a player wore throughout the day and a pocket full of golf balls, but as someone new to golf, he also got something even better - knowledge.

“I learned how to get a better shot off and not to swing just as hard as you need to get the distance; just has to make very good contact to get it where you need to get it to, and I also learned like, for a lot of putting reasons to - I saw some players aiming right, so I thought I could use those as a strategy to get better," Gattuso said.

We think Jayden has a bright future in golf, from the sound of it. We’ve got a whole team at the Landings bringing you coverage throughout the Savannah Golf Championship.

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