“Schooner Squad” a staple on hole 5 at Savannah Golf Championship

Putt raters at Schooner Cove

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - At the Savannah Golf Championship, sometimes the people watching is as good as the golf.

Hole 5 - or Schooner’s Cove at Deer Creek Golf Course - is the place to be this weekend for the Savannah Golf Championship - between the birdies for beers, the DJ, the food trucks, and a pretty entertaining group of women calling themselves the “Schooner Squad”.

“The scoring system is 1-10 and we rate the drive," Caroline Ambrose, a squad member, explained. "If they get it on the green five feet away from the pin, they get a 10, and then if it’s 10, more feet away or five more feet away, it’s a nine, and if they kind of roll off over in here near the drain, it’s an eight and then the bunkers usually a seven, and then if they don’t try for a drive at all just kind of do an easy layup, they get like a two or a three, so we like risk-takers.”

The idea for the signs to rate the drives came pretty easily.

“I wanted to be involved and I came up with this idea," Elsa Lindenschmidt, their unofficial captain, said. "It’s to emulate the 16th hole of the Waste Management Phoenix Open, so that’s kind of our gold standard for party, right?”

The hole itself isn’t the easiest, making the outcome that much more dramatic.

“It’s complex because it’s a reachable par four and so it’s definitely within everyone’s range to get to the whole in one, but whether or not it’s strategically the best thing to do, well (laughs), but it’s more fun when they go for it," Lindenschmidt added.

The players have even been taking note of their scores.

“Yesterday, I got a 10. Which, I mean, my ball landed three feet from the hole, so I hope I would get a 10. I made the putt for two, but yeah it’s been fun," Bo Hoag said after his second round of play.

“We want everyone to know how fun The Landings is," Ambrose said.

When you see the “Birdie” sign get held up at Schooner’s Cove, there’s plenty to cheer for this weekend. Each birdie hit- that’s $100 to the Military Fund.

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