New cancer center in Jesup accepting patients

New cancer treatment center opens in Wayne County

JESUP, GA (WTOC) -The Nancy and J.C. Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion at Wayne Memorial Hospital in Jesup started accepting patients being treated for cancer on Tuesday.

This center is a branch of St. Joseph’s Candler and is new to Wayne County.

Tuesday was Tonya Odam Falcon’s very first treatment after being diagnosed with breast cancer less than a month ago.

“When they called me at my job and let me know that I needed to come in, I immediately knew something was bad,” Falcon said.

The lump shen noticed in her breast was breast cancer.

She told me her doctor told her the cancer was in stage two and she would have to go through 20 weeks of chemotherapy, followed by radiation.

“I just keep having a positive attitude and know that it’s gonna be alright and whatever God’s plan is for me, it is what it’ll be,” Falcon said.

This center will now be a convenience for people like Falcon, and many others out in Wayne County.

“This is awesome that I’m not having to drive all the way to Savannah,” Falconsays. “Because I’m not sure how this chemo is gonna do me or how I’m gonna react to it.”

She says it is also easier on her family as she goes through this treatment journey close to home.

“I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m ready to just get it started because the quicker I get it started, the quicker I can get it over. But now I say I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me”

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