New fire trucks added to Liberty County fleet

New fire trucks added to Liberty County fleet

LIBERTY CO, GA (WTOC) -More trucks are being added to Liberty County Fire Services fleet, a purchase that comes a few weeks after heated city council meetings questioned the county’s coverage.

It’s been seven years since Liberty County has purchased new fire trucks, so this is a new and great addition to their fire services.

EMS was also able to get new equipment because of SPLOST funding.

Councilman Marion Stevens said on Wednesday that the cost of these new fire trucks was about $749,000. One fire truck will be stationed in the McIntosh community and the other in Sunbury.

“They did a good job with stretching the taxpayer’s dollars in Liberty County," said Councilman Stevens. "So I want to say thank you again to the citizens for supporting SPLOST and fire services.”

Stevens says that adding this new equipment will provide better coverage for the Liberty County area, especially after recent backlash over shutting down an engine in Sunbury for a small amount of time. He says being able to keep his district’s trust is a priority and they want to provide the best fire service possible.

Liberty County EMS also added two new trucks to its fleet.

“Our main goal is to make sure our citizens of Liberty County always have units within current date and are always up to par as far as their ability to travel distances and be able to manage the patient loads that we do carry,” said Shawn Parker, Director of Liberty County EMS.

They say this is good for Liberty County because of the manpower they will have along with updated equipment.

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