Portal 6-year-old makes barbecue sauce

Portal 6-year-old makes barbecue sauce

PORTAL, GA (WTOC) - What were you doing when you were six? Probably not making barbecue sauce and business like one young man from Portal.

He and his dad think they’ve found a winning recipe, and plenty of customers agree.

CJ Lovett has more cooking experience than the average six-year-old. He’s the spokesperson and co-creator of his own barbecue sauce.

“Sweet and tangy with a taste of spice,” CJ said.

The family came up with the recipe and used a local bottling company to produce it, and they sell it through some locally-owned shops and grocery stores.

“If you go by, you check in and count the bottles, or you have relatives count the bottles to see how they’re selling,” Clint Lovett, CJ’s dad, said.

Clint says they’re constantly experimenting with the recipe, like with a version for chicken and ribs, and CJ has a few other ideas.

WTOC: “So what do you eat your sauce on?”

CJ: “Mostly everything. You can eat it on salad, you can eat it on pizza. If you have a candy bar, you can put it on that.”

That might not be everybody’s choice, but Clint says they enjoy having a side business that brings the family together.

“If you love something you do and you put all your heart and soul into it, you can succeed and thrive in whatever you want to do.”

When it tastes good too, that’s even better.

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