Candler County adopts new animal ordinance

Candler County adopts new animal ordinance

CANDLER COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - Many of you still remember the images we showed you in January of hundreds of dogs rescued in Montgomery and Candler counties - all owned by the same person and living in terrible conditions.

This week, Candler County adopted rules for how animal owners care for their pets. The ordinance passed by the county tries to define what constitutes good and bad treatment of animals and what the county can do to enforce it.

In January, county investigators and animal rescue teams helped move more than 150 dogs from a property in Candler County. The owner, Angela Powell, still faces animal cruelty charges there and in Montgomery County for roughly the same number of dogs at her home. County leaders say they were already drafting an animal control ordinance then, due to this case and others.

“It’s shocking for me to hear what passes for “taking care” of your pet,” said Kendall Gross, County Attorney.

The ordinance addresses adequate food, water, and shelter for animals. It also regulates tethering for outside pets. One provision limits dog owners to 20 animals or less without a county permit. Gross says owners can apply for a permit at no cost.

“The commission wanted to be able to take a look at any individual seeking to own more dogs than 20,” Gross said.

He says they hope to prevent puppy mills and situations like what they saw in January that cause danger to the animals and a nuisance to neighbors.

The ordinance went into effect as soon as it was passed.

Read the entire ordinance below:

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