Groundbreaking for PARC community garden held in Savannah

Groundbreaking held in Savannah for PARC community garden

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah’s Pennsylvania Avenue Resource Center, or PARC, is almost open.

Construction on the $6.7 million tax-funded site started last July. Thursday, there was a groundbreaking of a different kind just behind the PARC.

The PARC on Pennsylvania Avenue is almost complete, and thanks to a donation of more than $20,000, another component of what this resource center will have to offer to citizens who live in the area is also being completed.

JE Dunn volunteered his team and donated materials and labor in the amount of $16,500; Hussey, Gay, and Bell has donated $4,000, and Mandel Design donated an additional $2,000 in landscaping and architectural support for the community garden.

“There’s going to be so many resources for the neighborhood here at the resource center, but I’m especially excited about the garden," said Omelia Donahoo, Twickenham resident.

“Members of the center will be able to harvest the fresh fruit and vegetables. We’ll use some of the things we grow here in our culinary program as well, but to be able to have access to this for our neighborhoods, this is something that we really wanted to do. It’s actually part of the city’s strategic initiative to reduce food deserts in the community," said Kerri Reid, Human Services Director, City of Savannah.

“We thought 'hey, why not get all the community out, use all of our construction trade partners, ourselves and design professionals to get everyone here together for two days and knock it out," said Paul Balducci, Project Manager, JE Dunn.

Holding anything from tomatoes to cucumbers and herbs, the PARC community garden will fill 10 above-ground planters. Two will be ADA accessible. Others will have seats around them.

The Pennsylvania Avenue Resource Center is set to be handed over to the city from the contractors in a few days.

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