Tybee PD stepping up patrols after men offer child candy and a ride

Tybee Island PD stepping up patrols after men offered candy, ride to child

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - Children being lured by strangers with candy is a fear for many parents, and it’s the exact thing that has Tybee Island Police stepping up patrols in the area of Campbell Avenue and Vanhorn Drive.

We spoke to residents Friday who say the area is very busy and incidents like this don’t usually happen.

Amity Farrar and her husband take their kids to a park in the area to play baseball. She says it’s always felt like a safe area, so she is very surprised to hear about what happened.

“We feel very safe when we are here, very comfortable," she said. “We have never had any problems. The residents are very friendly and we see police cars patrolling quite often, and the police station is right up here.”

Tybee Police say this week, a child was on the way home from school when a white hatchback car pulled up. Police say two men were in the car and offered the child candy and a ride home. Fortunately, the child did the right thing and ran home, and police were called.

“We would encourage parents to have a serious conversation with their children and advise them of the proper protocol if something was to happen like this to them. Certainly, don’t accept a ride or free candy or puppies,” said Lt. Emory Randolph, Tybee Island PD. “We are deeply disturbed by the incident. We would like to think this type of thing doesn’t happen, but it’s 2019 and crime can happen anywhere. We have put our officers on a heightened sense of patrol. They are doing extra patrols at the bus stop. They are on the lookout for this vehicle that has been described, in particular.”

Police are asking that you give them a call if you have any information about this incident.

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