65 Years of WTOC: Remembering Johnny Cole

65 Years of WTOC: Remembering Johnny Cole

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Johnny Cole was a mainstay here at WTOC for nearly four decades.

He began his TV career here back in the mid-60s, as Doug Weathers hired Johnny away from his radio gig. The Anderson, South Carolina native quickly established a reputation for being a man of his word with those he reported on.

“One of the finest me I’ve ever known in my life,” said retired Savannah PD officer, Johnson Taylor.

“Why is that?”

“Because if he told you something, you didn’t have to go to the bank, it was already there," Taylor said.

Johnson Taylor was with the Savannah Police Department for over 40 years.

Jimmy Stokes knew Johnny through their love of stock car racing.

“He was a real super nice guy and he did have a good way of talking to people, so you could understand, you knew what he was talking about,” Stokes said. “He could talk your talk, if you talk as I always called it, ‘country,’ but eh, he could talk country to you.”

Johnny later made the move from news reporter to sports. He then became the first male co-anchor of the morning show alongside Jody Chapin handling things in the weather department. Eventually, Cole would begin a fishing segment, where everyone seemed to know his catchphrase.

“All you young people out there, take advice from Johnny Cole, get hooked on fishing, not on drugs.”

Cole passed away in 2007 at the age of 77. He would have loved the run that the Clemson football team is on, as Johnny was an avid Tiger fan.

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