Bryan County EMS help woman give birth on side of Highway 17

Bryan County EMS help woman give birth on side of Highway 17

BRYAN COUNTY, GA (WTOC) -Baby Mackenzie wasn’t delivered traditionally in a hospital, instead, on the side of the road.

"We do not deliver babies everyday, it's a very exciting situation when it happens, the mother is very hysterical and upset, she's not able to get up or whatever is going on, but we normally do what we gotta do to make sure that her and the baby are okay."

Bryan County paramedic firefighter Patricia Phillips is just one of two who helped deliver the healthy baby girl.

She said when they received the call around 9:30 Saturday morning, her and her partner Bryan County EMT Ian Zieba, immediately sprung into action.

“You know when you’re in this line of work you know it’s going to come eventually and it’s the same as one of those major car crashes and stuff that you have to do," said Zieba. “You have to get that under your belt first and now I do so that’s good and it was happy outcome and everything turned out good,” he said.

With mother, Valerie Richison already passed her due date and her husband deployed, both Zieba and Phillips said this is a situation they were trained for, but never expected.

“I felt for her because I understand him not being around and being upset and she’s in a lot of pain and we were there to support her to make sure that her and the baby were okay.”

“Pretty exciting, you go to class and they show you and tell you all the things that go on and things like that,” Zieba said.

“There’s a lot of things running through your head in a quick minute there.”

With two kids of his own, Zieba said this nontraditional situation, hit close to home.

“You have to have that feeling inside of you and everything that you do," said Zieba. "An EMS job is very rewarding in a way and sometimes it’s not so rewarding when something bad goes wrong.”

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