Savannah church holds open floor discussion concerning race relations

Savannah church discusses holds open floor discussion concerning race relations

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A meeting was held at a Savannah church on Sunday evening to discuss race relations in the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry area.

This comes after the controversy and backlash of a previous meeting held last month, that gained local and national attention, after signs were posted outside of the door that only allowed black members of the media to attend.

It was an open floor discussion not only about race but also to address concerns that the community may have.

Leaders wanted this meeting to be open and honest. It was also an opportunity for people to ask questions and be able to discuss hard topics when it comes to talking about racial matters.

A student from Savannah State University spoke to express her concerns about previous meetings where race was a concern.

“Now if we’re going to talk about racism, can we go further under the umbrella and talk about gentrification and things that are going on in the school system like you said...can we speak about that and not about this meeting that was held last week?” asked a woman named Desiree.

A panel consisting of both black and white men and women of varying political backgrounds sat, listened, and worked to provide counsel to those that they could.

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