Charleston developer withdraws proposal to build 300 new apartments on Hilton Head

Developer not building 300 new apartments

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WTOC) -A Charleston-based developer looking to rezone the area near the Hilton Head Christian Academy went before the town council and withdrew their application to build 300 new apartments.

Spandrel Development Partners say that withdrawing their application simply gives them more time to be flexible as they come up with a new plan to re-apply for rezoning in the future.

The town of Hilton Head says the apartments the developers wanted to build goes against affordable housing and workforce on Hilton Head. However, developers say the city needs to change what can and can’t be built on the property.

“In order for us to get multi-family on this property, we have to ask the Town ofHilton Head to rezone the property and rezoning it means hanging the type of use that’s available,” explained Walter Nester with Spandrel. “Adding in multi-family. Taking out commercial use and leaving the institutional use because it’s still a school.”

He says the application was not accepted because of the high-density 55-foot high rise style of the buildings and the rent that goes against what the towns housing consultant says Hilton head needs.

“Workforce housing is housing for people who work," says Nester. "It may not necessarily be affordable for everybody.”

He says even though they withdrew to think this development plan out more, they still look forward to building on Hilton Head.

“It is housing that is desired and it is a mix of housing that the report is seeking," Nester said. "We believe that we add to that and we look forward to the opportunity to do so.”

There is no word on if or when these developers will put in an application to build again

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