Tips to keep your skin, face healthy during summer

Tips to keep your skin, face healthy during summer

(CNN) - Keeping your skin healthy and happy in the sun is a must for everyone especially when it comes to the skin on our faces.

Sun damage can cause permanent spots, wrinkles and even cancer.

Here are some tips on how treat our faces right.

The sun is coming out and the weather is slowly starting to warm up.

This means most of us will be spending more time outside.

So keeping our skin safe and healthy,= will once again be on our minds.

Tiffany Bioski, a clinical esthetician at Skin ReMEDI in Atlanta, said people should start two weeks before prolonged sun exposure with a low-grade peel.

"It's perfect for the spring or summer time because it's not going to cause serious shedding or peeling,” said Bioski. “It's more cellular. She (the skin) will glow, without having peeling or shedding on the skin."

Bioski said peels help to keep any scaring or pigmentation you already have from deepening into layers of the skin.

The other steps in keeping your skin happy in the sun?

“Hydration, hydration, hydration," Bioski said. “And my fourth one is sun protection.”

Applying sunscreen to moisturized skin helps it go on evenly and prevents it from flaking.

Bioski’s last suggestion is to steer away from using heavier moisturizers in the warmer months.

"Those are going to cause congestion, they're going to get trapped in your pores, you're going to have a lot of bacteria build-up,” Bioski said. “So really focus on serums to penetrate into the skin and keep the skin hydrated.”

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