Spectators enjoying Par 3 contest at 83rd Annual Masters Golf Tournament

AUGUSTA, GA (WTOC) - The traditional Par 3 contest took place Wednesday at the 83rd Annual Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta National.

Wednesday at The Masters is always a day for tradition, and it’s the last day the players can be relaxed just a little bit more.

“Oh, it’s wonderful watching them, with the players and the caddies and kids, and this Par 3 is a viable place to get the public involved even if you don’t play,” said Sue Fazio, from Asheville.

“This is the most intimate part of The Masters. It’s really the time before everything starts where you get to see the legends play, and there’s actually interaction with the golfers, and to me, this is, other than Sunday, the most exciting day to be here," said Meridith Powell, also from Asheville.

We asked some who were there for the first time how they knew it’s so special if they’ve only seen it on television.

“Just by the reaction of the game’s greats. If Arnie and Jack and Gary Player tell me it’s special, I’m going to take their word for it,” said Josh Gianostos.

Wednesday is also the last day that patrons are able to watch the players test their skills by skipping the ball across the water on number 16.

Patrick Reed will host the Champions Dinner Wednesday night.

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