‘Mandatory penis inspection’ letter turns out to be high school senior prank

CASTROVILLE, CA (KION/CNN) - Graduation is around the corner and that means some high school seniors are playing pranks.

One school in California is dealing with a senior prank requiring mandatory “genitalia” inspections.

The letter looks real but North Monterey High posted on its Facebook that a letter calling for a school-wide male penis inspection is actually a well-thought-out prank made by students.

“Well I think it’s hilarious, but I feel badly for some kids if they took it seriously,” said Castroville resident, Ron Graham.

Among other things, it asks student inspections be separated into circumcised and uncircumcised.

The letter was made to look identical to the format of other notices sent out by the district.

The letter even has an identical copy of the superintendent's signature. All to make students believe they had to follow through with an unusual graduation requirement.

“It’s inappropriate but whoever did it got away with it,” Graham said.

The school addressed the prank on Facebook revealing a teacher had discovered the fake notice.

The school went on to say that the letter was spread through Snapchat.

While they don’t say who started it, some have their ideas.

"I think that it’s a prank that'll normally go on with young guys,” Graham said. “I don't think it was the girls that did it."

The school said they're investigating who's behind the joke.

“It’s not all about being serious and studying all the time,” said Kyara Grijalva, who lives in the town. “Unless somebody took it seriously, and got anxiety and all of that, but I think it’s hysterical.”

Concerned parents can reach out to the school for more information on the prank.

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