Savannah mayor has interim city manager in mind

Savannah mayor has interim city manager in mind

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The city of Fort Lauderdale’s strategic communications office says current Savannah city manager Rob Hernandez has received an offer to become its deputy city manager.

The office told WTOC, “The offer is contingent upon approval from the Fort Lauderdale City Commission. The Commission plans to consider the item at their next meeting, which will take place on Tuesday, April 16.”

We have been speaking Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach to learn more about his temporary plan to fill the job in the Hostess City. The subject didn’t come up in Thursday’s regularly scheduled council meeting, but Mayor DeLoach did weigh in afterwards about the city manager, and what’s next.

​Mayor DeLoach says Hernandez is planning on leaving, heading to Fort Lauderdale to accept a Deputy City Manager position. He says a letter from Hernandez detailing his last day with the city should be coming after Thursday night. DeLoach says looking back at the city manager’s performance over the last two-and-a-half years, he’s pleased.

“I think he did a great job. I think he had a lot of innovative ideas that we’ve picked up on, and I hope that we can continue those same programs. We’ll be about moving towards finding someone new," the mayor said.

While DeLoach says Hernandez’s permanent replacement won’t be sought until after this fall’s city election, he’s approached a familiar face to take over in the interim.

“I’ve spoken to Pat Monahan about the possibility of taking the interim job for us, and he’s agreed that he would do that, but I want to get a resume in front of all of council, and if council approves him and we get things squared away, we’ll be about making sure we get him on board.”

Monahan worked for 27 years in local government, retiring from the county as the Assistant County Manager.

“He’s a wonderful person and a great manager, so we’ll be fortunate to be able to have him, and I’ve already spoken to him and he’s good to go with it,” Mayor DeLoach said.

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