Over 200 GSU students on Statesboro campus being relocated due to structural problems

Students relocated after mold detected on GSU's Statesboro campus

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - More than 200 students on Georgia Southern University’s Statesboro campus found out this week they are moving out of their campus apartments due to structural problems.

Friday, the university started relocating those students to vacant spots around campus and elsewhere.

The end of the school year is less than a month away, but University Village looks like the beginning of the year as many students found out they’re moving. A caravan of moving trucks sat in the parking lot to get students to their temporary homes. Matthew Hunter hurriedly packed his things after getting notice this week that his building would close.

“The days they gave us...Friday and Saturday...to move...really? You’re telling us this on Wednesday,” Hunter said.

University staff met with students this week to explain how they would move them to vacant units, either on campus or off campus, at university expense.

“They started explaining how they were going to do this, and promised to make it as least complicated as possible for us,” said student, Patrick Hodell.

Georgia Southern bought the units from a private owner more than a decade ago after they opened in the 1990s. The university’s housing director says two contractors build them all. The units where they’ve found termite damage and other concerns all go back to one builder. They do regular inspections on the buildings and got recent test results back a few days ago, and that’s what prompted closing them down now instead of finishing the semester in early May.

“The university felt like it was in the best interest to relocate these students if we can’t guarantee the safety of our students,” said Pete Bluetriech, GSU Housing Director. “Also, there was an immediate need to do further study.”

Some still wish the school had done this differently.

“They could have been more professional about how they handled it...given us us a heads up earlier, but two days? That’s just ridiculous," Hunter said.

We’ll keep you updated on what happens with the buildings.

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