SC man attends 63rd consecutive Masters Tournament

AUGUSTA, GA (WTOC) - Second round action is underway Friday at Augusta National.

One patron enjoying the fun - a man from Rock Hill, SC - made an unprecedented visit.

Of all the patrons who walk the grounds of Augusta National Golf Club during the Masters Tournament this year, perhaps no one knows the course better than Whitey Adams. This is his 63rd consecutive Masters - a streak that began back in 1956.

Adams is legally blind, due to a degenerative eye disease, but he says that doesn’t dim his enjoyment of the game.

“You know, I haven’t been able to really follow the players and the shots since like ’84, ’85, but I still go around with my family and they tell me what everything’s like, and my son tells me about all the good looking girls I can’t see, so," he said.

So, what has been his favorite of the already 63 Masters he’s attended? That would be the 1986 Masters. That was the year Jack Nicklaus won his eighteenth and final major championship.

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