Champions soar at Evans Co. Special Olympics

Champions soar at Evans Co. Special Olympics

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Organizers say that the drive behind keeping the Evans County special olympics going for 15 years is the athletes and their supporters.

“We are all here because the athletes get this opportunity to shine," said Amanda Locke, the coordinator of Special Olympics for Evans County. "This is their stage. This is their playing field.”

A slew of special athletes hit the Tiger Town Athletic Field on Sunda to compete in a variety of physical activites tailored to their abilities.

The Evans County program is for children eight-years and older. Competitors are referred to as hall of famers.

“Special Olympics, while it is for our athletes, it benefits so many people," says Locke. "It benefits the athletes, it benefits their families. This is a day for families just to relax and enjoy each other and enjoy their children.”

Parents say their children look forward to this event every year.

“We do special Olympics are year-round and my child absolutely loves it and she enjoys it," says parent Melinda Boyett. "It’s a good thing for the community to come out and support us.”

“I like to socialize with other kids and make new friends,” chimed in her child Katelyn Boyett.

And while the Olympics puts a smile on each participants face, it also puts one on the faces of people attending.

“I spend as much time looking around at the families who are enjoying it or the community members who are just thrilled to be here," said Locke. "The joy goes a lot further than just getting that medal or that ribbon. It’s everyone’s time and express when they are here with us.”

The Evans County Special Olympic also has events throughout the year. They have one coming up this summer and another one in the fall.

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