Consider This: Tiger’s new green jacket

Consider This: Tiger’s new green jacket

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - From time to time, we can bear witness to an event that transcends its normal significance. Sunday, just up the road in Augusta, was just one of those instances, as Tiger Woods, at the age of 43 won his fifth Green Jacket a full 22 years after winning his first.

Tiger walked toe-to-toe and hit shot for shot against the absolute best golfers in the world, most of whom are half his age. He defied the odds, but more impressively, he defied father time to notch his 15th major victory, second only to Jack Nicklaus.

Woods’ struggles with physical ailments and personal demons have been well covered and documented over the past several years. Woods himself said two years ago, his back was so bad, he thought he’d never play golf again, let alone win at this level.

For those who watched, they saw a far more humbled and far less brash person celebrate on the 18th green. Maybe one of the most enduring images from his win was the hug he gave his 10-year old son Charlie, who by the way wasn’t even born the last time Tiger won a major. The hug very reminiscent of the hug Tiger got from his dad Earl, after winning his first Green Jacket back in 1997.

Consider this: The only thing the American public enjoys more than knocking someone off a pedestal is watching them dust themselves off and get back up. We love a comeback story, and that’s what we got at the Masters.

It only seems appropriate that Woods’ professional and medical resurrection would come on Palm Sunday as billions of Christians begin the start of Holy Week.

Without question, Tiger is back on top. What remains to be seen is how he handles it this time around.

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