East GA Regional Medical Center upgrades to DaVinci Xi robot

East GA Regional Medical Center upgrades to DaVinci Xi robot

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - If you’ve had surgery lately, there’s a good chance the doctor did the work without actually touching you.

They can do that thanks to robotic arms. We got an up close look at some equipment doctors in Statesboro now have to complete the surgery and get you back on your feet.

It may look like a video game, but it’s actually high tech surgical equipment that’s no longer found in just the big city hospitals. A quarter looks as big as a frisbee through the lens of the newest surgical robot at East Georgia Regional Medical Center. Linda Oglesby helped show off the DaVinci Xi to the hospital’s staff.

“The cameras are so much more advanced, so they can see down to the tiniest structures, right down to the smallest blood vessel or nerve,” Oglesby, the Robotics Coordinator.

The hospital upgraded from a previous DaVinci model to this most recent one. The controls allow surgeons more flexibility to maneuver inside the patient. Hospital leaders say they have to stay current on equipment to attract and keep doctors.

“Physicians are trained using technology, and when you want to bring physicians into the community, it’s important to have current technology in order to do that because that’s how they’re being trained,” said Paul Theriot, CEO.

Linda says patients think more like customers these days. They shop around to find the physician and technology that can get them out of the hospital and back on their feet the quickest.

“Patients should be informed. They ask a lot of questions these days and they want details,” Oglesby said.

She says the improvements include a high tech surgical table that communicates with the robot to adjust to give the robotic arms the best position for surgery.

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