GDOT pushes back date for completion of Highway 80 resurfacing project

GDOT pushes back date for completion of Highway 80 resurfacing project

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - People living on Tybee Island will now have to wait even longer for the Highway 80 resurfacing project to be complete.

GDOT has once again pushed back the start date due to bad weather that was in the forecast.

Many Tybee residents say the Highway 80 project is needed, but it is an inconvenience for people looking to get on and off the island.

“Oh good, they pushed it back again because it was supposed to have started two weeks ago, and now we’re getting further into tourist season, which is going to be a concern for people that depend on the tourist season for their money,” said Susan Kimbrell, who lives on Tybee.

Susan Kimbrell is just one of many residents living on Tybee Island who is concerned with the project.

“There’s a concern by people who live on Tybee with accidents during the construction, and there’s a concern for people too, even though it’s at night, people leaving off the island that have been drinking and there’s a lot of workers that leave the island at night too that this is going to take off time for them to get off the island if there’s construction."

Tybee Mayor Jason Buelterman says the project which is set to start Tuesday night, is setting the stage for long-term.

“Use this as an opportunity to raise the road such that we won’t experience flooding. We’ve had that issue a lot over the past few years with the road being flooded and not enabling emergency vehicles getting to and from the island, and actually shutting off access to the island as a whole so nobody could get to and from Tybee," the mayor said.

He says with the construction done at night, it will leave less room for interruptions to people’s commutes.

“So, what they can expect during the day is really nothing different than what is going on right now. There won’t be any interruption to their commute to and from work, or if they’re coming out to the beach for the weekend, there shouldn’t be any issues,” Mayor Buelterman said.

Once the project gets started, it is expected to take 60-90 days to complete.

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