French restaurant in Savannah reacts to Notre Dame fire

French restaurant in Savannah reacts to Notre Dame fire

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The investigation continues in Paris after the historic and iconic Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire on Monday.

Right now, investigators believe the fire was an accident. A day later, some of Savannah’s French community says it’s surprising to see so many people in our area feeling the loss.

Le Cafe Gourmet on Montomgery Street is known for its authentic French food, but Tuesday morning, the loss of the iconic French landmark was inseparable from the orders.

“People, they take it really personally,” said owner Angela Yeo. “I had one customer that was almost crying about that this morning.”

Born in Paris, Yeo says Notre Dame was part of the city’s history and her own.

“Like all the Parisian kids, I used to go over there with my parents and scream and run in front of the Cathedral,” she said.

When she found out from one of her employees, who is also French, the centuries-old church was destroyed by fire, she didn’t believe it.

“She just received a text and told me, ‘Oh my gosh, Angela, Notre Dame is burning,’ and I was like, ‘Okay, it’s fake. It’s a joke,’ but no, it’s real, and when I saw the video and the pictures and everything, it’s really sad.”

The fire was unprecedented, but Yeo says Parisians’ work to save what they could and the country’s pledge to rebuild it isn’t.

“Notre Dame the Cathedral is, how do you say, it’s emblematic for everybody, so when a sad thing like that happens, it puts all the residents together to want to try to help and rebuilt, and get back something we all lost,” she said.

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