Top Teacher: John Pollock, St. Andrew’s School

Top Teacher: John Pollock, St. Andrew's School

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Music is a gift and teachers share that gift with their students.

Wednesday, students at St. Andrew’s School played “Name That Note” in John Pollock’s music class, and when they got the answer right, it was sheer joy.

“I love watching them get the excitement when they are looking at something for the first time and they grasp it, and that connection between the two,” Pollock said. “That first time they get that confused look on their face and when it clicks, you can see the joy, and that is magical, just seeing that happen.”

Pollock teaches music at the lower level, and theater at the middle school.

“With the lower school, they are so excited about being here,” he said. “The energy is contagious. They are excited to see me. The older ones have different challenges and they are excited on a different level. They are a little more subdued, because it’s not quite as cool."

Pollock’s mother was a teacher, and he says he’s always wanted to become one.

'I remember in 2nd Grade, I always wanted to be a teacher, but I was always singing, even in the high chair," Pollock said. “It’s always been there. It’s always been a part of my passion growing up, and even now.”

That passion keeps hitting all the right notes.

“I hope that they know that I care about them. They take that what we do matters, and we do it for them and they inspire to do something different in the world, what we pass on.”

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