Fort Stewart gets new medical simulation training center

Ft. Stewart gets new medical simulation training center

FORT STEWART, GA (WTOC) - Soldiers at Fort Stewart cut the ribbon for a new medical simulation training center on Thursday.

The center is designed to provide state-of-the-art training for medical and non-medical soldiers as they learn updated life-saving techniques.

If you’re wondering if these soldiers are put in situations as if it were real life in order to prepare for a medical emergency in combat, they are.

“We give soldiers - even if they are not medical personnel - the medical quality training that simulates battlefield conditions so that they can save more lives and bring them back home to their families," said Marc Stringer, NCOIC, Fort Stewart.

Stringer says they try to prevent the three most common losses of life, including the loss of blood, airway blockage, or trapped air.

U.S. Army Paramedic Natalia Howard says she knows how to work through experiences like the demos they showed WTOC all too well.

“We are here to make sure that if they get hurt, they are taken care of, and that’s my goal. That’s why I joined and that gives me great satisfaction," Sgt. Howard said.

Some of the training they learn range from basic life-saving skills and knowing how the body works, to even skills as advanced as combat casualty care.

“Techniques and skills change all the time depending on the nations that we are facing, and coming to this type of training always keeps us up to date with the training, and the training that we need to make sure that we are ready for combat."

They say the credentials and training they receive here means they can also enter the civilian world and transfer into a medical career.

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