3 indicted for killing woman in Sam’s Club parking lot in Pooler

3 indicted for killing woman in Sam's Club parking lot in Pooler

POOLER, GA (WTOC) - A Chatham County grand jury has indicted three people in the shooting death of a woman outside of Sam’s Club in Pooler, back in February.

Rhondolyn Butler, Deandre Mims, and Cierra Mims are all facing charges for the murder of 22-year-old Quaniqwa Lee. Police say the suspects tracked Lee to Sam’s and then gunned her down in the parking lot.

These charges are in Chatham County, but from what we know, this dispute started in Effingham County with a 10-year-old also being shot. At least one - if not all three - are listed as suspects for the incident. We’re still waiting for charges out of Effingham.

“It’s actually been quiet. We haven’t had any issues since that night," said Effingham County resident, Bobbi McCoy.

That night was Friday, Feb. 22. A 10-year-old was shot after the Effingham County trailer she was in was shot up. Officials say the next night, Rhondolyn Butler, Deandre Mims, and Cierra Mims gunned down their intended target - Quaniqwa Lee. She was shot twice while sitting in a car in the Sam’s parking lot in Pooler.

Now, those three suspects are listed in a 17-count indictment in Chatham County. They are charged with murder, aggravated assault, and fleeing police. So far, we do not know who pulled the trigger.

Back in Effingham where this all started, Bobbi McCoy who lives on Burnt Tree Road, says they still don’t know why this happened.

"Yes, I want some answers," she said.

Just like the indictment in Chatham County, McCoy says she wants those responsible to be held accountable for not only shooting a 10-year-old, but for striking fear into the whole neighborhood.

“It still scares me, because it could have been our house. It could have been her house. It could have been any of the neighbors’ houses and we all have children.”

We continue to wait for charges out of Effingham County. We’re told the 10-year-old who was shot is doing okay.

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