WTOC celebrates 51 years of RBC Heritage coverage

WTOC celebrates 51 years of RBC Heritage coverage

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WTOC) - WTOC is celebrating its 65th Anniversary this year. For 51 of those years, we’ve had the honor of covering the RBC Heritage.

For every cannon fire, we’ve been there. For every victorious moment, we’ve been there. For 51 years, the RBC Heritage has called Hilton Head home in location, while WTOC and CBS have been its home on television.

“We try to do everything right. This is one of those things, you better get it right, and I think we do,” said Ken Griner, WTOC Anchor/former WTOC Sports Director.

“I can go back and think of my years, and the ‘who’ and the ‘how’ and working with a lot of the old-timers, too,” said RBC Heritage Tournament Director, Steve Wilmot. “I’m an old timer, but we’re partners. WTOC has been very special to this event.”

For Ken Griner, the Heritage has provided career highlights.

“I would say one of the best shots I ever got was Matt Kuchar chipping in for the win,” Griner said.

The people covering the Heritage may have changed, but the commitment has remained the same.

The coverage has never stopped when the daily newscasts ended. “Around the Green” with WTOC’s Tim Guidera followed directly after.

“It’s about a lot of golf, but it’s also analysis. It’s critiquing the golf, and it’s also about what’s happening around the golf course; about the spectators, volunteers, tournament office," Guidera said. “It brings a lot of the elements in.”

As the Heritage continues toward its own 65th Anniversary, WTOC will be there for it all, just like we always have.

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