Wayne County residents clean up after storm

Wayne County residents clean up after storm

WAYNE CO, GA (WTOC) -The weather has cleared up, and a lot of people around the Coastal Empire are cleaning up on Saturday.

WTOC found serious damage in Wayne County. Some say that they don’t even know where to start in their clean up process and others are trying to clean up as much as they can.

People had their chain saws, limb trimmers and other equipment out trying to get up any of this mess that they can. All of the roads in Wayne County are clear.

Local officials say that most of the power has been restored. There are a few powers lines that took a lot of damage which may take a little extra time to repair.

The Wayne County EMA Director say that they had crews out on Friday clearing the roads and power companies have been repairing lines but it’s still important to pay attention when you are around any lines that may not have been repaired yet.

“Well, the down power lines there is always a danger there until it’s been secured by the power company and no power running through those lines," said Richard Johnson, Director of the Wayne County EMA. "That is a concern. The actual trees on the ground unless they are entangled in lines they are no threat unless they are where people are driving.”

There is still a lot of damage to clean up.

“The wind and rain was – it was terrible,” said Pamela Middleton. Middleton lives in Jesup.

She says she witnessed the wind, rain and lightening up close on Friday, a little too close for her liking.

"It was raining so hard that you couldn't see the car sitting next to you or you couldn't see the lines on the road."

She was rushing home to pick up her brother.

"My car was doing this here and I was trying to get home to get my brother."

Other Wayne County residents heard the storm from inside their home but didn’t realize how bad it was until they walked outside.

“The storm got real bad real quick and then it was over and to come outside and see the amount of devastation in that small period of time,” said Sam Nettles, also a Jesup resident.

“By the time I got here the next door neighbor’s trees were already uprooted,” said Nettles. “It had picked my brother’s trailer up and slammed it back down off the blocks. It throwed him out in the yard.”

Nettles says he couldn’t even leave home because of the damage.

“There were several large trees that had fallen out of the woods onto the road blocking either side," said Nettles. "Because there wasn’t enough emergency services to go around we ended up having to cut ourselves out.”

His neighbor’s home took a hard hit. A tree fell through the middle of the home. He says the homeowner was in the inside at the time but made it out safety.

Many residents were cleaning up the damage and trying to remove the trees. Others say they don’t know where to begin.

“There’s not much to say," Middleton said. "I mean, I thank God I’m still here. And the neighbors you know I’m still shook up from it but at least we are here.”

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