Auction to support City of Statesboro’s ‘Blue Mile’ to be held Wednesday night

Fundraising auction to benefit Blue Mile in Statesboro

STATESBORO, GA (WTOC) - If you like auctions, Statesboro could be the place for you to be Wednesday night. You can also see the beginning of more revitalization along the city’s Blue Mile.

The Convention and Visitor’s Bureau will have a little of everything on the auction block, and the proceeds will help shape a new venue along South Main.

The CVB has a range of artwork, trips, and gifts from a host of local businesses on the auction floor. The money raised will help remodel a huge building and open land they bought late last year. It’s been a warehouse for local hotels for decades, but they want to make it a venue for community events and a rental for private parties. It will be the only open area along the Blue Mile - a revitalization district between downtown and Georgia Southern University.

The executive director says the location also helps them draw visitors to learn more about the city.

“With us purchasing this land and the warehouse behind it, we have direct access to the Willie McTell trail for visitors who stop in to learn more about Blind Willie, Statesboro Blues, or other Statesboro history,” said Becky Davis, Executive Director, Statesboro Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

If you’re wondering about all that stuff still in the warehouse, they’re giving it away next Saturday, May 4. It’s first come, first serve for the furniture, fixtures, lamps, mirrors.

Wednesday night’s auction will run from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

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