Gov. Kemp announces investment project coming to Pooler

Gov. Kemp announces investment project

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Georgia Governor Brian Kemp marked 100 days in office Wednesday with several stops across the state.

“This has been a great day. We have so many great things happening in our state,” the governor said.

That includes the Georgia Ports. Governor Kemp made a major announcement about jobs and investment coming to the area. He says the company will bring 166 jobs and invest $172 million.

The export company will use the Georgia Ports to export their products. The port’s executive director says this announcement from Plastic Express quickly makes them one of the port’s biggest customers. He also says it may be be biggest announcement for an exporter in the port’s history.

“With the amount of port traffic, this company in the first year, will be one of the top five folks doing business in the ports, so this is going to be incredible for us. It’s great on the export side, so I’m really excited about this,” Governor Kemp said.

“The reason they chose us is because we’re a state that’s easy to do business with, we’re a port that’s easy to do business with, and we’re a community that’s easy to be business with, and that wins it every day of the week.”

Plastic Express will build two manufacturing logistics center in Pooler. The CEO says they are one of the largest exporters of American goods in the United States. He also says they are now hiring. The California-based company is almost 50 years old.

Also in Kemp’s first 100 days, Georgia lawmakers passed a ban on abortions once a heartbeat is detected. He still plans to sign that, but did not say when. They also gave a pay raise to public school teachers and started a gang task force at the GBI.

The governor uses those examples to highlight campaign promises he’s kept. Notably, Gov. Kemp has not vetoed any bills so far.

“We’ve got to keep our people safe. We’ve got to value life in our state. I think that’s one of the reasons we have great economic development and projects like this is because we value our people and value the business environment,” Governor Kemp said. “We haven’t vetoed any bills yet. We have so many good bills to sign, we haven’t gotten to the vetoes yet.”

This was Kemp’s first visit to the ports as governor. He calls it one of the biggest economic drivers in the state and region.

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