3.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Dyersburg

3.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Dyersburg
The earthquake could be felt across the Mid-South. (Source: USGS)

DYERSBURG, TN (WMC) - A 3.7 magnitude earthquake shook the Mid-South Wednesday morning.

The earthquake was reported seven miles from Dyersburg, according to United States Geological Survey.

It was reported at 5:57 a.m.

USGS initially rated the temblor a 3.6 magnitude but upgraded it by 0.1 a few hours later.

Dyersburg residents shared their experiences Wednesday morning.

“I remember looking up and the roof of the carport was shaking. I just said, ‘no, no, no’ and high tailed it back into the house,” said Laurie Bowers, resident.

This is the first earthquake Laurie Bowers has ever felt.

As she started her work day, she was still shaking and shocked by the whole event.

“I still am. The inside of me. It’s something you’ll never forget. Ever,” said Bowers.

Joe Yates has lived in Dyersburg most of his life and has experienced earthquakes before.

“A couple years ago, my mother had a tree fall on her house and I thought, ‘here we go again,’” said Yates.

When the earthquake started, Yates says it was the strongest he ever felt.

He said he heard it coming before he ever felt it.

“It was a big boom, but it lasted for a while like rolling thunder,” said Yates.

Before many people could even react, the earthquake was over with little to no damage left behind.

"My first instinct was get the kids out," said Bowers.

The day continued like normal in Dyersburg, just with more stories to tell.

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