Breast cancer survivor, son speak about experience ahead of Komen Race for the Cure

Breast cancer survivor, son talk about experience ahead of Komen Race for the Cure

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Thousands are preparing to lace up their shoes for the annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this weekend.

Breast cancer survivor Patti Clark has been volunteering for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure for nearly four years. She says while her story has inspired others who are suffering to keep pushing, her son is now becoming apart of that effort as well.

“I am a five-year breast cancer survivor, just passed my fifth year in December. My mother is a 31-year survivor; the same type of cancer," Clark said.

She says while it might be a time for her to celebrate, it’s also a time to give back and help people who are unable to afford mammograms and would otherwise go untreated.

“For me, being a survivor is not just about living, it’s about giving back. It’s about helping others see that there is hope at the end of breast cancer, and there’s also a huge community out there that’s standing by to help you, and that is the reason why I volunteer for the Komen Race, so that I can give back whatever I can.”

Clark says her son, Daniel, who is a student at Georgia Southern, is now joining in the effort to keep hope alive for others suffering.

“I got accepted into the radiation therapy program. I just wanted to be apart of a group of people who could help nurse sick people back to health, I wanted to be apart of the process of someone who was dealing with cancer because I know what they’re going through, and what people who know them feel like," Daniel Clark said.

Daniel says while his mother being sick was always looming in his mind during his acceptance process, he was able to use his mom’s story as inspiration to help to him solidify a spot in the university’s radiation therapy program.

"The process was that I got interviewed April 5, and they asked me a lot of stuff about how it was going through the things I went through in high school, and how hard it was to experience my mom going through cancer while I’m dealing with school.”

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There is still time to register before Saturday. Click here for more information.

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