Stand Up for America Day held in Port Wentworth

Stand Up for America Day held in Port Wentworth

PORT WENTWORTH, GA (WTOC) -The City of Port Wentworth stood up for America on Saturday to celebrate the nation’s military.

28 family members of the men who lost their life in the deadly C-130 plane crash last year rode as the grand marshals in the parade. They are in town to remember their loved ones as the one-year anniversary of the crash approaches next week.

“We brought them here," said Mayor Gary Norton of Port Wentworth. "They wanted to come. They wanted to be a part of this and it was good for them and it was good for us too.”

The mayor says this was a great time to bring them here as they honor all military at the Stand Up for America Event. This year marks the 48th year for the annual event which was started by a mayor.

“We had a mayor years back," Norton said. "He was in the Battle of the Bulge and he started this and it’s been going ever since.”

The event honors America’s service men and women, past and present. The streets of Port Wentworth were filled with a parade, music, arts, crafts, food and kid rides.

“This is the greatest event," said Rusty Collins, who attended the event. "You can come here whether you are young or old and have a great time.”

Collins says the event also gives service men and women a chance to re-connect with each other.

“You get a chance to see some that you may have went to war with, someone you grew up with, someone your dad grew up with. You get to honor them and at the same time you never lose the appreciation of what America is and it’s about family and community coming together.”

“The thing we are doing here is an honor to military," said Mayor Norton. "It aint just like having a party. We love our men and women. Freedom isn’t free and there is a lot of them that gave their lives for what we are doing today.”

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