Good News: Senior Citizens, Inc. ‘Life Well Lived’ award recipients

Good News: Senior Citizens, Inc. ‘Life Well Lived’ award recipients

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Senior Citizens, Inc. will once again honor individuals who make a difference in our community.

“I learned very early about the dignity of work, and if you apply the efforts, you get the rewards,” said Dick Eckberg, SCI Life Well Lived Award Honoree.

Dick Eckburg could have been talking about himself or any of his fellow Senior Citizen’s Inc. honorees, and he could have also pointed out that many others have enjoyed the rewards from their hard work.

“It’s a religion to me, working with kids. A lot of kids are trapped by their environment,” said Linnie Darden, SCI Life Well Lived Award Honoree.

Linnie Darden, Dick Eckburg, and Dr. Leslie Wilkes will be honored next week with SCI’s 2nd Annual Legends, Leaders and Life-Well Lived Award, for what they achieved for themselves, but mostly the generous work they all have done for others.

“All three are examples, and examples of a life well-lived and what we all want, to know that our time here has made a difference on those around us,” said Patti Lyons, Senior Citizens, Inc., President.

They did that in different ways. Darden, a former teacher in California, counsels at-risk youth in Hinesville.

“When we go to different churches, we talk abut anger management, growing up, not getting in trouble with the police."

Eckburg, the retired vice president for Government Affairs for UPS, helped though wide reaching philanthropy that was ingrained in him long before he was in a position to offer as much help as he has to US Army Rangers.

“As poor as we were, my mother and dad never refused to help anybody else, and we learned to share young and to help out people. If you couldn’t give them something, do something for them, go cut their grass or shovel their sidewalks,” he said.

While Dr. Wilkes enriched lives with his passion for photography in retirement, he improved lives for decades as an orthopedic surgeon - starting from the first hip replacement he assisted on.

"It made the greatest sound as it went in. It went ‘swoosh, pop.’ I said, ‘I like that sound. I’m going to listen to that a lot.’

Next Thursday, all three Life Well-Lived award recipients will listen to a grateful community thank them again.

“Life well-lived” means something different to everybody, but I’ve just been amazed at the stories and seeing somebody’s life."

SCI’s Legend’s, Leaders and Life Well-Lived Luncheon will be held at The Landings Plantation Club on Thursday, May 9.

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