Saluting first responders one year after C-130 crash

Salute to first responders

PORT WENTWORTH, GA (WTOC) - This week, we’re looking back at the tragic C-130 crash in Port Wentworth that happened this time last year.

WTOC spoke to some first responders who worked around the clock that day.

“Our first responders were on the scene, probably within two minutes, two-and-a-half minutes,” said Mayor Gary Norton, Port Wentworth.

Chief Matthew Libby with Port Wentworth Police says when they drive past the crash site, which they do every single day, they always remember that day.

“The feelings from the crash are always there, especially for our first responders or police or fire because we are riding by that location daily, multiple times a day, so it’s always in the back of your head,” Chief Libby said.

The police chief says as the anniversary approaches each year, the memories will always come back, but they will just work through it and keep moving forward while getting better and better at what they do each day. He says the crash also brought about change within the department.

“We’ve reviewed our plans, and we’ve had meetings county-wide in reference to this incident, post accident meetings, and we are always looking to improve.”

According to Chief Libby, there are some equipment issues they have addressed since the crash.

“Building a command vehicle for incident responses, because we see the need and we have to have it, and that just pushed it forward sooner than later because of the natural disasters we have had, the major crime scenes we’ve had, and then this disaster with the crash,” he said.

Mayor Norton says the equipment is already on order and should be a part of their staff within a few months.

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