Two candidates announce their run against Buddy Carter for GA’s 1st Congressional District

2020 1st Congressional District Race

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - With more than a year until the general election, two Georgia 1st Congressional District candidates say they believe they have what it takes to keep the state of Georgia and the country moving forward.

Republican Daniel Merritt says it’s not just about running against Buddy Carter, rather, about running for the First District and supporting the people within the district.

As a military veteran, Merritt said he plans to focus on improving the VA system as well as border security.

Meanwhile, one of the issues Democratic candidate Lisa Ring says she plans to tackle is affordable healthcare and making it accessible for everyone.

While both Ring and Merritt may be from two different parties, both have military backgrounds and seem to agree on building strong teams.

“I understand how to create jobs, I understand how to boost the economy," said Republican candidate, Daniel Merritt. “I understand the significance that small businesses bring to the great state of Georgia and how to encourage their growth, so besides my military background, I have a ton of experience in business and leadership and growing teams."

“We have made great strides here in the 1st District, organizing people, getting them involved in the process," said Democratic candidate, Lisa Ring. “My whole mission in running for office is to give a voice to people, to empower them, to get them involved, to have them speak up for themselves and to affect policy change that will better their lives."

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