Community Champions: Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club

Community Champions: Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Each day, more than 200 children enter the after-school program at the Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club in Savannah.

Thanks to these “WTOC Community Champions,” they’re in good hands.

By having opportunities and things for youth to do, the community wins. For 100 years, Savannah youth have been getting those opportunities to do those things at the Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club, which helps the community win through much more than sports.

“We offer youth development programs, academic success programs, and provide kids with a hot meal five days a week."

Helping kids with school work is a main focus of the after-school program for boys and girls aged 5-18.

“I learn stuff different ways here than at school. Most of my friends come here and they help me with my homework. We learn a lot of stuff here, like black history and gang prevention."

Whether on the computer, on the court, or in the club - an area where teenagers can get away from and talk about potential problems - these WTOC Community Champions provide a safe place for kids to be kids.

“If you have an organization that’s catering to over 200 kids per day, that’s 200 kids that you know are not engaging in criminal behavior because they’re here with us. You know they are not engaging in sexual activity because they are here with us. If the youth are our future, and we’re providing a safe environment and a learning environment for them, they can go off and do great things.”

The Callen Club will be even busier in two weeks, when their summer camp starts and 250 more kids attend every day.

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