Hinesville Rotary Club provides post-storm shelters

Hinesville Rotary Club provides post-storm shelters

HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) -While most people give out canned goods and other things people need to survive during storms, the rotary club in Hinesville gives out storm shelters.

These shelters consist of tents and things to be able to cook and survive like pots and pans. Shelterbox was a charity designated for hand delivering emergency shelter for families devastated by natural disaster or conflict.

Kevin Remillard told when the put these boxes together, they felt like the best place to use them would be during natural disasters. So these boxes are used for immediate basic necessities.

“Each one of these boxes is on loaded by hand by Volunteer Rotarians and handed out to families in need so they instantly receive shelter, the ability to cook, clean water, a water filtration system," said Kevin Remillard. "So a lot of humanizing factors go right into the the ability to cook clean and clean after yourself and have shelter for yourself.”

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