Liberty County Regional having large economic impact in the area

Hinesville hospital having big impact on community

LIBERTY COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - A new report shows economic growth for the Liberty County Regional Medical Center in Hinesville.

The Georgia Hospital Association says the hospital creates millions of dollars in revenue in the county.

Liberty Regional provides 482 full-time hospital jobs. Other full time jobs created from it indirectly are at almost 1,200.

Liberty Regional says the mission of the hospital is to not only provide quality health care, but to also be an economic driver in the community.

Erin Stewart with the Georgia Hospital Association says even though Hinesville is a small community, numbers like these show how important a hospital is to an area like Liberty County.

“A lot of people don’t really think about hospitals until you need them, you know? You passed by them every day, but until you’re injured or a family member is injured, you don’t really think about it,” Stewart said. “We push this information out to remind people that we aren’t just here to take care of you, we’re also an important piece of the community.”

Stewart brought up the point that a hospital is also an intricate part of the growth and financial health of a community.

“When hospitals close, you start to see residents moving away. You see businesses close because they don’t have the business they need to stay open. People don’t want to live in communities without hospitals.”

Not only did Liberty County contribute over $29 million to the economy; more revenue means more jobs associated with the hospital as well.

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