Top Teacher: Federico Foster, Savannah High School

WTOC Top Teacher: Federico Foster, Savannah High School

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Savannah High School Band director Federico Foster is all to familiar with the power of music.

“Music actually changed my life,” Foster said. “I was able to go on a full scholarship to college and take me out of my circumstances at home. I was able to travel because of music. I went on my first airplane ride because of music.”

Music has taken him many places, but Foster has come full circle and is actually is teaching in the place where he went to school. He can remember the pride he had when he was a member of the band.

“I remember getting my uniform for the first time and looking in the mirror and doing my little moves in the mirror,” Foster said. He continued, saying “practicing marching and all that kind of thing. And the pride that I felt when you heard the crowd was the ultimate satisfaction.”

Foster wants his students to perform at a high level not only in band, but in life.

“I talk to them that anything worth having is going to be hard,” Foster said. “You stand out because it is hard. The reason you stand out and become elite is because it’s hard. If it was easy everybody would be.”

“He encourages us to do better in what we do in school,” said student Isaiah Scriven. “And he wants to see us go out into the world and do big things. I enjoy being a part of this band. It has helped me in many ways.”

“I hope they gather life skills, more so than band skills, the concepts we teach I want them to further themselves in life,” Foster said.

Congratulations to this week’s WTOC Top Teacher Federico Foster.

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