New vessel bringing Savannah Ports more connectivity to Central, South America

New vessel bringing Savannah Ports more connectivity to Central, South America

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A major service expansion was announced Thursday at the Port of Savannah.

A new vessel now has services to Central America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. What the new seaboard vessel is bringing to Savannah that we didn’t have before is the connectivity to Central and South America, which means quicker access to things like oranges or pineapples.

Not only will produce reach consumers faster, but also fresher and cheaper.

“For the folks that live here and in close proximity, it’s five to seven days less of transit. The goods that you buy and eat and consume are fresher, and that’s some benefit to everybody."

The new connection will be to service markets for the perishable goods being imported.

“This is something that we’ve been working on for several years now, and what it does, Seaboard Marine is an ocean carrier, and up until last week, they were not calling Savannah, which means bringing their ships to us.”

The new service also brings the opportunity to support and expand into other markets.

“This new service allows the mega rail to be used more than we had envisioned, so Seaboard Marine is talking to customers in the Midwest and looking to make Savannah as the port of call for their goods.”

Georgia Ports says the expansion of refrigerated products is always a plus, as well as the 15 additional refrigerated racks on terminal to support the new services.

The new services will bring Savannah’s weekly vessel calls to 37, which is equal to New York and New Jersey, for the most services on the East Coast.

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